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Airasia Booking Secrets


Considering traveling to Bandung? Here are some Airasia booking tips that you would need of how to make the simple Airasia booking at ease. For those who need to know how to do the Airasia online booking procedure, please kindly check our article on how to make the Airasia online booking via the internet.

airasia booking

airasia booking

There are two basic ways to make the Airasia booking. First of all, you can make the booking via the travel agents. This way you can simply inform them your place of departure, your destination, your desired time of travel as well as your personal data (such as your full name, address, place and date of birth, passport number, etc). However this procedure usually requires you to pay more than if you make the booking online. Each travel agent applies different charges on this service.

Secondly you can also make the Airasia booking online through the internet. This is what most people do nowadays as this procedure is pretty simple and fast. All you have to do is just go to and follow the next booking procedure. Below are the most important things you should pay attention to when making the Airasia booking:

Airasia Booking Tips

The most important things in Airasia booking steps are:

–          Please be noted that the spelling of the name of the passengers listed on the ticket must be exactly the same as listed on the ID card or passport.

–          The name of the passengers might be different from the names of the persons who do the Airasia booking.  This is possible when someone buys you a ticket using his or her own credit card.

–          Please be wise regarding choosing how many baggage you want to purchase. If you buy the least one and it turns out that you have more baggage, you will end up having to pay much more at the Airasia counter at the airport.

–          For those planning to travel to Kuala Lumpur, you can also include the purchase of AirAsia Skybus ticket, which is the same price either you buy it online or direct on the bus. Another tip here, don’t lose or throw away your AirAsia Skybus ticket and keep it till you get off the bus or you will end up having to pay for more.

–          The price of the meals is slightly lower if you purchase it online during your Airasia booking procedure rather than if you purchase it directly on board. However it happens sometimes that what you purchase online is not available when you check it on board. Therefore it would be better if you just buy the meals on board, so you pay what you’ve got.

–          For group booking, you have to have at least around 30 passengers, to have extra discounts. However you can only contact the Airasia customer service directly via the telephone as (unfortunately) there have been many complaints from people who never get responses from the Airasia staffs if these people try to contact them through emails when trying to make group Airasia booking.

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