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Airasia Online – How to Make the Booking

Some of you might be wondering of how to do Airasia online booking procedure on the internet. Is it complicated? Does it take a lot of time to do the Airasia online booking? No, not at all. All you have to do is simply go to and on the right side just fill in your destination (from what city to what city) and how many persons are traveling. So if you’re considering traveling to Bandung or join the incredible Bandung shopping, Airasia is the most favorite way to travel to Bandung.

However before you do the Airasia online booking on the internet, you need to have a valid credit card to enable you to make the payment at the end of the Airasia online booking process. Make sure that you have enough funds in your account. So what about those who do not even have a single credit card in their hands? Don’t worry. You can use your friend’s or family’s credit card just to enable you to make the payment.

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When you arrive at the next page of the Airasia online booking page, continue filling out the form and choose your preferred time of departure. The total amount you have to pay at the right side already includes the tax and fuel surcharge. If everything is fine, continue to the next Airasia online booking page. On the next page you will be offered more choices whether you want to buy on board meals. Each destination usually has its own unique menu which is not necessarily available in another different destination. You will also be offered a few choices regarding how many kilograms of baggage you would like to include in the ticket. Basically each passenger is allowed to have 7 kilograms of free baggage which can be carried into the cabin.

Below is the Summary of the Airasia Online Booking Procedure

–          Go to

–          Fill in your place of departure and destination

–          Choose your preferred time of departure

–          Fill in your complete personal data (name of passenger, address, phone number, city, place and date of birth, and other related information)

–          Fill in the credit card information. Please be noted that the name of the passenger in this Airasia online booking page might be different from the name of the credit card holder. This usually happens if your friend or family buys you an Airasia ticket through this Airasia online website. Even a Japanese credit card holder can do the payment for those staying in Bandung very easily.

–          You will be offered choices whether you want to purchase on board meal or not

–          You will also be offered whether you want to purchase additional baggage other than the 7 kilograms of free baggage.

–          Check if everything is correct, especially time and date of departure and arrival and place of departure and arrival.

Airasia Online Booking Tips

Here are some useful tips on Airasia online booking tips:

–          Avoid making any bookings during promotion period when everyone seems to log into the Airasia online website at the same time and makes it almost impossible for you to even log into it.

–          Even if you want to make the Airasia online booking during the promotion period, be sure to go to their website early in the morning when everyone is still busy with his or her own errands.

So no matter where you are, whether in Bandung or Singapore or Korea, you can easily do the Airasia online booking with great ease.

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