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Bandung Hotel for Shoppers and Tranquility


Looking for Bandung hotel in a specific area such as proximity to shopping centers or factory outlets or hilly resort yet with affordable rates? Read on, and at the end of this article you will find the answers to all your enquiries regarding good hotels Bandung have today.

There are any types of Bandung hotel available today. From the ones which are targeted at low budgeted visitors to those which would put comfort on top of everything else. However there are more and more visitors who would prefer to choose the location of hotel at Bandung based on location. Due to the competitiveness of the hotel industry in Bandung, there are many Bandung hotels now offer very competitive rates.


The location of a good Bandung hotel is usually close to tourism objects, whether it is a factory outlet area or shopping centers or food court or night market or even a resort. Therefore it is very important that you know the location of the hotel you choose even prior to your coming to the city of Bandung. It would not be nice if you and your friends or family is stranded in a Bandung hotel which is around 2.5-hour drive from the city of Bandung, with nothing interesting surrounding it, wouldn’t it? J

Types of Bandung Hotel

There are many types of hotels Bandung travelers would recommend today based on their location. Those who are into shopping would surely prefer to stay downtown where most factory outlets and shopping centers are located. If possible, they would want to stay in a Bandung hotel which is only within walking distance to the factory outlets or shopping centers. Below are more hotels at Bandung based on their location.

Bandung Hotel for Shoppers

–          Naval Hotel

This 2-star hotel is located on Sukajadi street. Room rate starts at Rp 390,000 for weekdays and Rp 425,000 for weekends. This hotel is only within walking distance to Bandung’s biggest shopping center, which is Parisj van Java, where you can find lots of branded stuffs, supermarket, traditional and international restaurants, etc.

–          Aston Tropicana Bandung Hotel

This 4-star hotel is located on the so-called denim street, which is very famous for denim clothing stores. There is also a supermarket just beside this 4-star hotel and a shopping center just across, which adds to its convenience. Rate starts at Rp 625,000 for weekdays and Rp 725,000 for weekends.

–          Sensa Hotel

This is another 4-star hotel on denim street, which is located right inside the shopping complex. Rate starts at Rp 715,000 for weekdays and Rp 835,000 for weekends.

–          The Luxton Bandung Hotel

Located across Holiday Inn Hotel, this brand new hotel offers you luxury at proximity to Bandung’s factory outlet area. Rate starts at Rp 725,000 for weekdays and Rp 825,000 for weekends.

Bandung Hotel for Tranquility Lovers

If you are looking for tranquility with nice and cool weather, far from the crowdedness of a city, these Bandung hotels below might be what you’re looking for:

–          San Gria Resort and Spa

This hotel is located on the cliff at the northern hilly part of Bandung, offering you very beautiful natural scenery with very nice cool weather.

–          Dago Highland Resort Hotel and Spa

This hotel is also located on the hilly side of Bandung, offering you very lovely Bandung’s scenery at night.

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