Bandung Restaurant

The Best Bandung Restaurant


What is the highly recommended Bandung restaurant now? What is the specialty food or beverages there? What makes it a recommended one? How far is it from Bandung downtown? Well, if you are looking for the answers to those questions, read on, and you will get thorough information about the best restaurants in Bandung at the end of this session.

Before we answer what the best Bandung restaurant is, we would like to ask you some questions as what makes it categorized as the best restaurant in Bandung, whether its delicious food, its location, its beautiful scenery, the price or the combination of all? So if you are looking for the best place to have meal, whether it is for lunch or dinner, Kampung Daun is one of the most recommended restaurant in Bandung. If you like local food, you will like the menu there. Its beautiful place which is located on high ground makes it famous and highly recommended to have either lunch or dinner in Bandung.

However what are drawbacks of this so called best Bandung restaurant? If you are looking for really delicious food, not just ‘okay’ level kind of menu, then this place is not so recommended. Also, if you happen to come to this place on weekends or national holidays, be prepared to be in the waiting list which makes you wait outside with your hungry stomach for up to 1 hour, especially on long weekends, when most Jakarta people also come to Bandung to have their vacation here. What about the price? Some say the price is not very cheap either for ‘okay’ food. There is another thing. Because this place is quite popular, even after you’ve got your spot, it takes quite a long time for the meals to come.

But if you’re looking for romantic place with ‘okay’ meal accompanied by cool and beautiful atmosphere, then this place is certainly perfect for you. There is another Bandung restaurant nearby which is called Sapu Lidi. Below is the review of this neighboring restaurant:

Pros: Here is the place where you can enjoy meal close to the rice field. Many people from Jakarta who are used to seeing only buildings every day love this kind of environment.

Cons: Just like the previous restaurant, this place also seems to ‘sell the atmosphere’ rather than ‘the delicious food’. The price of the food is not very cheap at all for ‘okay’ food.

Bandung Restaurant

Bandung Restaurant

Bandung Restaurant on Top of The Hill

If you are looking for different atmosphere where you can dine on top of the hill, many people would recommend going to higher land of Dago area, where you can find abundant of cafes and Bandung restaurants there. Below is the review of these cafes at Dago area:

Pros: This is the place where you can dine while seeing the Bandung scenery at night which is quite romantic.

Cons: Same as the previous restaurants. They only ‘sell the atmosphere’ rather than very nice food. The price of the meals and beverages are not cheap either. If you come here during the weekends, the traffic leading to this place can be frustrating.

Due to Bandung’s hilly landscape and cool weather, many restaurants and cafes in Bandung tend to prioritize to sell the atmosphere rather than the food. But this is Bandung, where many people come here to enjoy and relax. So for whatever reasons you come to Bandung, make sure you choose only the best Bandung restaurant.