Bandung Tour Package

2-day Bandung Tour Package

Tangkuban Perahu Volcano, Hot Spring Resort, White Crater, Tea Plantation, Strawberry Picking, Shopping

(min. 4 px)

Day 1: Tangkuban Perahu Volcano – Hot Spring Resort – Factory Outlet Shopping

On the first day of Bandung tour package you will visit Bandung’s famous volcano, the hot spring resort, as well as factory outlet shopping.

In the morning you will be picked up at the hotel at 8am and ready to start your adventure in Bandung by visiting Bandung’s famous active volcano. On the way to the volcano you will visit Lembang, the nearest district in north Bandung where you can find Bandung’s traditional delicacies, such as the famous & spicy sticky rice cake and corn.

Bandung tour package Your next visit is Tangkuban Perahu. This is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Bandung where you can see the magnificent natural beauty of an active volcano in the northern part of Bandung.

The next visit in the two day Bandung tour package is the hot spring resort, where you can find the natural sulfuric water flow.

Feel the enjoyment of soaking your feet and body in the warm, sulfuric water pool, which is believed to be beneficial for your health.

After lunch we will take you to Bandung’s biggest factory outlet where you can find many good quality clothing for women, men, and children at unbelievably reasonably prices. You will also visit the Denim Street where you can find many denim clothing at affordable prices.
Day 2: The White Crater – Tea Plantation – Self Picked Strawberry – Bandung’s biggest factory outlet area
On the second day of Bandung tour package you will visit the one and only White Crater in southern part of Bandung. There are so many natural beauties in south Bandung, and the white crater is the simply one of them. This place is so beautiful that it is famous for pre wedding photo and video shooting.

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Our next visit is the tea plantation which is also one of Bandung’s most famous natural beauties other than the active volcano and the white crater. Take picture amidst the tea plantation and feel the refreshing air around you.
Wondering how it feels to pick those fresh strawberries and eat them yourself? Just join our two day Bandung tour package and be part of those strawberries picking activity.

Or, are you just too lazy to pick those fresh strawberries Don’t worry. You can also buy fresh strawberries at reasonable price at the strawberry fields where you can also find many products made from strawberries, such as jams, cakes, etc.

Bandung tour packages bandung tour package
Before going back to the hotel, we will bring you to Bandung’s biggest factory outlet area for your last shopping adventure. Stroll along the road full of Bandung’s famous factory outlets and shop till you drop. At the end of this two day Bandung tour package you will be transferred back to your hotel, full of sweet memories of Bandung’s natural beauties and shopping experience.

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