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Looking for Bandung Tours’ special packages which allow you to visit the best Bandung’s places of interest with incredibly affordable price? Simply join our Bandung Tours below and let us be part of your sweet holiday memory in Bandung.

Bandung Tours’ 3-Day Free & Easy Package

Day 1

The Active Volcano Our first day of Bandung Tours’ Free & Easy Package starts by visiting the active volcano at north Bandung. On the journey to the volcano you will pass Lembang, a regency near Bandung which is famous for its fresh fruit and vegetable as well as dairy products. Take some lovely photos on top of the volcano. Feel the cool air breeze while enjoying the lovely scenery at Tangkuban Perahu.
Ciater Hot Spring Resort After having lunch at the nearby Sundanese restaurant where you can try many West Java’s special delicacies, we will all visit Ciater Hot Spring Resort, which is famous for its natural hot spring and lovely natural beauty. Feel the warmth of the sulfuric water at the rivers or simply go around the area by riding a horse. You can also take picture at the lovely parks surrounding the area.
Denim Shopping Our next destination in this Bandung Tours’ Free & Easy Package is Cihampelas street, which is the perfect place for denim shopping.
Dinner in the forest What’d it feel like to have dinner in the forest? In this Bandung Tours’ Package you’ll have the opportunity to dine out in Bandung’s most famous outdoor café where you can feel the totally different experience of dining.

Day 2

Lembang On this second day we will go to Lembang, where you can try many West Java’s specialties such as the roast fermented cassava or the roast sticky rice dipped in peanut sauce. You can also try the famous Sundanese fried tofu which can only be found in West Java and is incredibly tempting and delicious! Or, simply try the fresh milk and yoghurt from the nearby farms. You can also go around the area by joining a horse carriage journey around the village.
Thai Temple In this special Bandung Tours’ Free & Easy Package you’ll have the opportunity to visit the famous Thai Temple where you can see the magnificent beauty built by the Thai and the Indonesians. This is also the place where many Buddhists from many Asian countries come to pray. You can take some lovely pictures on top of the temple or simply stroll along the area surrounded by natural beauty and mountains.
Strawberry House We will all have lunch at the Strawberry House, where you can find many strawberry products and try the Sundanese’s specialty, which is called Nasi Liwet, complete with the fish or chicken, fresh vegetable, traditional crackers, etc.
Factory Outlets The next destination in this Bandung Tours’ Package is visiting the Factory Outlets in Dago where you can find many Bandung’s good quality clothes from all sizes and models.
Dinner on the hill Your Bandung Tours’ Package would not be complete without dining out on top of the hill of Bandung where you can dine out while enjoying Bandung’s incredible scenery at night.

Day 3

Food Paradise Before you leave Bandung, take some time to visit the famous cake and bakery mall in Bandung where you can find many Bandung’s special foods.
Rumah Mode Still can’t get enough of shopping? Don’t worry, our next destination will satisfy your hunger of shopping. After the lunch you will all be transferred back to the hotel. Thank you for joining Bandung Tours’ Package.
The above rate includes:
  • 2-night accommodation at Hotel Guci,
  • Transportation (APV car or similar),
  • Fuel,
  • Driver,
  • English and Indonesian speaking tour guide,
  • Parking,
  • Entrance tickets to Tangkuban Perahu and Ciater hot spring resort.
The above rate excludes:
  • Any personal expenses,
  • Additional local guide(s) at Tangkuban Perahu.
Terms and conditions: * The above rate is valid during weekdays and weekends,

* The above rate is invalid during school holiday, long weekends (Aidil Fitri, Christmas, New Year holidays).

* Please kindly make the reservation for this Bandung Tours’ Free and Easy Package at least 2 weeks before your departure in Bandung.

* Contact us for your specialAidil Fitri or other high season holiday packages.