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Special Bandung Travel Tour

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Looking for special Bandung travel tour which you can visit many beautiful natural beauties around Bandung while get those lovely, unforgettable, the one and only shopping and dining experience at the same time? Then join our special 2 days’ Bandung travel tour which brings you more shopping experiences as well as a deeper insight into our traditional culture at Saung Angklung.

Bandung Travel Tour (2 days)

Day 1: Lembang – Volcano – Hot Spring – Traditional Art Performance

In the morning the participants gather at the hotel lobby, and we go straight to Lembang, a small village at the northern part of Bandung where you can get those famous barbequed corns, sticky rice cakes, non-oily crackers, fresh cow milk and yoghurt and also those incredibly sweet pineapples. Here we will also visit the magnificent Thai Temple which was designed by the Thai monks themselves. You can also visit the famous fruit market in this area where you can get many kinds of fresh fruit and other food specialties.

Then we have lunch at the village-like strawberry house where you can get all those strawberry products. Try the delicious ‘nasi liwet’ package. You can also try flying fox at this beautiful, cool place. After lunch we go straight to Tangkuban Perahu, an active volcano at north Bandung.

On the way to the volcano, we will pass the lovely, beautiful forests with the incredibly cool weather. Get those lovely pictures at the volcano, or get unique souvenirs only available at this place. Then we go straight to the hot spring resort. Feel the experience you have never experienced before by soaking in the sulfuric water as warm as 45 degrees Celcius.

We will end the first day of Bandung travel tour by visiting the Jeans or Denim Street where you can find many jeans/ denim products or simply stroll along this very famous street full of unique stores along side of the road.

Preparation: Get your sweater, sun block and hats.

Day 2: Pasar Baru – Factory Outlet Shopping

At the second day of Bandung travel tour, we will bring you straight to Saung Angklung where you can see some traditional art performances.

Later we go straight directly to Pasar Baru where you can find as many cheap products as possible. Here you can find many kinds of products you have never imagined before.

Then we will bring you to the factory outlets scattered around Riau St. where you can find small to extra large clothing at affordable prices.

To end this lovely special Bandung travel tour, we will bring you to have dinner at the one and only jungle dining experience.

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