Bandung Vacation

Bandung Vacation Package


Which are the best Bandung vacation packages for you and your family? If you are considering of coming to Bandung yet you have no idea of what to do or where to go in Bandung, don’t worry, we have a solution for you. There are so many places of interests to visit in Bandung. Whether you are a businessman who is looking for the cheapest stuffs for you to resell in your country, or you are simply a traveler who is looking for different atmosphere, you have come to the right place!

Bandung Holiday Tour and Travel has so many Bandung vacation packages to offer. For business people, you can choose the Bandung Shopping Tour which will take you around to the best shopping paradise in Bandung, one of them, is of course, the famous Pasar Baru, literally means The New Market, a perfect place for you who are looking for cheap goods for you to resell in your country.

We also provide other special Bandung vacation packages, especially for those who have never been to Bandung before and are interested in knowing the natural beauty and the amazing traditional arts which this so-called-The-Flower-City has.

Bandung Vacation

Bandung Vacation

One Day Bandung Vacation Package 1

In the morning the participants gather in the hotel lobby, ready to see the magnificent, natural beauties in north Bandung. We will start the day by going to Lembang, a local village where you can visit the magnificent Thai Buddhist Temple, try the roast sticky rice or barbequed spicy corn and drink fresh cow’s milk. Here you can also find many sweet pineapples which are famous in that area and also visit the famous local fruit market where you can find many exotic fruit at very affordable price. For those who are health conscious, you can also try the special crackers cooked without oil.

Then we visit Tangkuban Perahu, the active volcano in northern part of Bandung. Get some lovely pictures or those unique souvenirs only available at the volcano area. At noon we have meal at a local restaurant. Then we visit the natural hot spring resort where you can see the natural sulfuric river flows. You can also try soaking in the hot spring pools and get the unforgettable, lovely experience. Then escorted to the Cihampelas which is also famous for its jeans. Participants are free to roam and do the jeans shopping there. To close the day, the participants will have their meal at the most famous jungle-like dining experience.

Preparation: Get your sweater, sun block and hats.

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