Booking Airasia

Booking AirAsia Efficiently


Traveling overseas and considering booking Airasia? This is the right thing to do if you want to travel overseas but only have very tight budget since Airasia enables you to go to many destinations, including to cities in Australia such as Perth and Melbourne, even European countries, such as UK and France with very affordable flight fare.

Booking Airasia flight should not be a hassle at all if you know what and how to do it correctly. Most of the problems caused during and after the Airasia online booking procedure is usually caused by the carelessness of the person himself. By giving the wrong information (name of passengers, date of birth, time of traveling, ID card number, etc) accidentally could give you some problem later on.

The problem with booking Airasia would even be more serious if you only realize it on the day of your flight, or even hours or minutes before you check in! However if you do the Airasia booking correctly and carefully, you should not have any problem at all. Always check carefully every time you fill out the form before you hit the ‘continue’ button.

Tips on Booking Airasia Efficiently

Below are some tips you’d need to do the airasia online booking:

–          Prepare your ID card or passport since you’ll have to give information regarding your ID card or passport number.

–          Prepare your credit card since you’ll also have to give information regarding your credit card number. However if you would like to buy the ticket for someone else, the name of the passenger(s) is different from the credit card holder’s name and the booking name. So that the name of the person who makes the Airasia booking is not always the same as the passenger’s name.

–          Please check and recheck the names and other related information of the passengers who will be traveling.

–          Always check the destination.

–          Always check the date and time of traveling.

–          If you’re traveling on long distance, it’s strongly advised that you book the on-board meal, too. It is because the price of the meals is cheaper if you pre-book it online.

–          If you’re traveling to Kuala Lumpur, you can also pre-book the Sky Bus ticket online.

–          Please be noted that all Airasia passengers are eligible to only 7-kg free baggage which can be carried inside the cabin. And if you think that you’ll be traveling with more baggage, it is strongly advised that you purchase the extra baggage online since the cost of extra baggage would be much higher if you buy it at the Airasia counter when you check in.

–          However since May 2011 there has been a new regulation regarding Airasia free baggage which is only eligible for HSBC card holders. For HSBC card holders, you are eligible to 15-kg free baggage.

–          Just like any other flights, it would be better and a lot safer to bring your electronic equipment (such as camera, laptop, video camcorder, etc) inside the cabin.

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Booking Airasia

Booking Airasia