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Mee Bandung

Mee Bandung – All about It By: Not many people know that there are many kinds of mee Bandung now. For those who are adventurous, you can even try the colorful mee or the rainbow mee as the local people call it. By the way, what does the word ‘mee’ mean? The word ‘mee’ […]

Travel in Bandung

Travel in Bandung – Review By: There are many choices of how to travel in Bandung. You can either travel by cars, motor cycles, pedicabs, even horse carriage if you really want to J. Bandung as the capital city of the province of West Java has been a nice place to live even since […]

Trip to Bandung

Trip to Bandung – Tips and Tricks Planning a trip to Bandung in the near future? For those who have never been to Bandung before, it would be better if you know a little bit about the city of Bandung before you really travel to Bandung.  Either you are traveling with your whole family member […]

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