Factory Outlets Bandung

Factory Outlets Bandung – Most Recommended Ones

By: Bandungholiday.net

What are the most recommended factory outlets Bandung have today? Most people who come to Bandung simply get recommendation from others who have been to Bandung before or look the information themselves from the internet. However this information could be misleading as what is good and suitable for someone with a tight budget would not be necessarily suitable for others who have a lot of money and willing to shop till they really drop.

 Factory Outlets Bandung

Factory Outlets Bandung

Actually most factory outlets Bandung have nowadays offer about the same concept, environment and goods to the shoppers. It is because most factory outlets in Bandung have the same source of goods, which come from most garment factories around Bandung.

So what makes some factory outlets Bandung are more favorable than others? It is because they can compete on the quality of the products (as well as designs), price and location.

Reviews on Factory Outlets Bandung Have Today

Below is the recent list of the most visited factory outlets in Bandung:

–          Mode House

Mode House is undoubtedly one of the factory outlets Bandung people are proud of. Located at the northern part of Bandung, it offers a wide range of clothing, from men’s clothing to children’s and ladies’. Open at 9am to around 9pm. This place is best visited on weekdays since the traffic to this place is unbelievably crazy during weekends, national holidays and long weekends.

–          The Summit

The Summit is only one of the factory outlets in Bandung which is located on Riau Street. Just like Mode House, you can also find a wide range of clothing in this store. Sometimes you can also find very similar items found at Mode House in this place.

–          The Secret

It is another factory outlet on Riau Street, only within walking distance from The Summit Factory Outlet. Built with very interesting and unique design, this factory outlet not only offers you clothing, but you can also find many food stalls at the parking lot of this factory outlet. So for those who are not really into shopping or simply want to rest their feet after such a long shopping walk along Riau Street, feel free to visit this place and try one of the local food sold at reasonable price here while waiting for your wives or daughters shopping.

–          Stamp, Heritage, and For Men, etc

These are only some of factory outlets Bandung have on this so-called Riau Street. Everything which is sold here has fixed price. You can not practice your excellent bargain skill here J. However on this street you can also find many street vendors selling many kinds of stuffs, starting from Bandung t-shirt souvenirs, crackers, dolls, shoes, fruit juice, local meals, etc, which (sometimes) you can bargain, such as non food products. Please also be noted that many sellers mark up the price first when they notice that you are not local people. So the best thing to do would be to ask the price to a  (local) buyer who seems to have bought the goods you want, or, simply show no interest and walk away and return later.

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