Factory Outlets in Bandung

Factory Outlets in Bandung – Which Ones to Visit

By: Bandungholiday.net

The number of factory outlets in Bandung is growing rapidly. So how do we know which one is worth visiting or which one gives us better service than others? Most travelers who visit Bandung do not have a lot of time entering each factory outlet they find and see if it fits them or not. With so little time available, it would be better if they search as much information as possible even prior to their coming to Bandung.

Let’s face this fact. Not all factory outlets in Bandung are worth visiting. So the business of factory outlets is getting more and more strict every single day. One store can give you more and better service than others while other factory outlets are more strategically located than its competitors.

 Factory Outlets in Bandung

However not many factory outlets in Bandung can give you a good after sales service, like providing you the service of cutting and sewing or shortening your sleeves, etc. Below are some famous factory outlets in Bandung which give you this extra service:

–          Mode House: Here you can have your sleeves shortened for free.

–          Aria Jeans: Located on Jalan Merdeka No. 5, this place is very popular among the travelers, this is the perfect place if you want to redesign your pants, or even make trousers or skirt as per each individual’s specification (custom made). With its super fast service, you can expect to have your custom made jeans or corduroy trousers within the very same day. And what’s more, you can also choose what kind of materials you want directly on the spot.

–          Denim Street: Most stores here provide you this extra small service similar to Mode House. Or, you can also have the street worker, fully equipped with their own sewing machines, shorten your trousers with very affordable fee.

That is one of the reasons why many people like to come to the factory outlets in Bandung for shopping as some of them offer you this kind of extra service with no fee or very little extra fee.

Factory Outlets in Bandung – Do They Sell Original Goods?

May be some of you might be wondering if the brands of the clothes sold in the factory outlets in Bandung are original or not. Some factory outlets provide original products, however we can also find replica ones in many factory outlets in Bandung. So it’s our duty to really check and recheck before we decide to buy anything, especially if one product seems to be much lower in price than you think.

Prices and Discounts in Factory Outlets in Bandung – Are They for Real?

If you are careful, you might notice that the price of a particular goods at one factory outlet can be higher or lower in price than in another factory outlet. What about the discount? Is it really discount? There is one very interesting phenomenon in Indonesia regarding discounts. Many stores, including some factory outlets in Bandung do not really apply real discounts. Meaning that they first mark up the price, say 50%, and make notice that the product is 30% discount! So, beware!

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