Hotel Budget Bandung

Hotel Budget Bandung Travelers Would Recommed


Considering coming to Bandung with tight budget? Don’t worry. The hotel budget Bandung has today will certainly make sure that you and your family or friends can still enjoy your holiday in Bandung while keep your money safe in your pocket so that you can spend more money on shopping instead. But what about the quality of this hotel budget in Bandung? Is it good or clean enough?

Hotel Budget Bandung

Just like in many other cities, there are many kinds of hotel budget Bandung now. From the ‘not so clean’ ones, to those which are quite good, comfortable, clean, and also strategically located in the heart of Bandung, making it easier for you to explore Bandung even without having to rent a taxi. This type of hotel budget Bandung has today is usually located in the heart of Bandung. Some others are located in the suburb.

But if we can give you suggestion, usually the well maintained hotel budget Bandung has nowadays is usually located downtown rather than in the suburb. Some of the examples of this hotel budget Bandung travelers usually would recommend are “Catellya” guest house and “hotel Pelangi”.

Tips on Choosing Hotel Budget in Bandung

Bandung is situated on the hill, and the more you go to the northern part of Bandung, the hillier it is. There is one type of hotel budget Bandung travelers would not recommend. This kind of hotel budget Bandung travelers would avoid is the one situated on the hilly area, especially at the northern part of Bandung.

Some travelers experience ‘not so pleasant’ thing in this kind of hotel budget, such as the repeated coming of worms on the floor of the bathroom, no matter how often it is cleaned. It is due to the fact that this hotel budget Bandung is situated on the hill side and surrounding by bushes. On another occasion, travelers would find poisonous (huge) frog on the front and back yard of this hotel budget. So make sure of the location of this hotel budget before deciding to stay there.

However there is one hotel budget Bandung travelers would recommend is Ebo House, of which rate can be as low as Rp 212,750 per night, which already includes daily breakfast. This hotel budget Bandung is strategically located, which is only within walking distance to the factory outlets in Bandung and surrounded by many cafes and restaurants. This hotel budget is suitable for family.

Contact us to book a room in this Ebo House hotel budget Bandung. Make sure that you book as early as possible as there are only eight rooms in this guest house, so… hurry!

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