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Looking for budget hotels? Bandung as one of the mostly visited cities in Indonesia has changed itself from the flower city to the city of tourism where many tourists come to Bandung during the weekend and make the traffic in Bandung even more and more crowded, especially during long weekend and school holiday, let alone international holidays such as Christmas and New Year. This is why the topic of Bandung vacation is growing even faster among Jakarta and Malaysian tourists, especially those interested in Bandung shopping trip.

Therefore we can guarantee that most hotels Bandung have today are almost always full during those holidays and weekends. It is certainly a very good business for hotels’ owners in Bandung city. So what can travelers do in order to get accommodation during their holiday in Bandung? Are there any ways of how to get a budget yet clean hotel in Bandung? Certainly there are. Read on.

As the tourism industry is developing fast in Bandung, many sectors are developing rapidly, too, including restaurants, cafes, as well as Bandung hotels. Bandung has become the favorite get-away place even since the Dutch colonial’s era. And this situation does not change at all after the independence. A lot of travelers, especially those coming from Jakarta can be found during the weekends in Bandung hotels. Bandung has become such a resort city for travelers, especially those coming from Jakarta and recently, Malaysia, too. So in order to enjoy your Bandung holiday, make sure you find your hotel even before your coming to Bandung. Below are some tips of how to get hotels in Bandung.

Budget Hotels – Bandung’s Most Wanted Accommodation


Some travelers think not to spend too much on hotels. Bandung, as one of the cities which has the lowest cost of living among any other big cities in Indonesia, has a lot of budget hotels which you can find in almost every area in Bandung.

Nowadays we can also easily find many budget hotels Bandung travelers would recommend. Surprisingly most budget hotels in Bandung used to be a regular house or boarding house for students, whose owners consider having renovation here and there before they decide to make it into a hotel. These hotels usually have no license from the local authorities. But of course, this does not matter much for budget travelers, does it?

Villas or Hotels – Bandung Travel Tips

Thinking of taking a Bandung tour package? But what about accommodation? Villas or hotels? Bandung travelers would advise different things on this issue.

Which one would you choose? Staying in a villa or hotel? Be wise. Nowadays there are also many villas for rent in Bandung with very affordable price. If you’re coming in large group, say about 16 or more, renting a villa is better than staying in a hotel.

Tips to find hotels in Bandung

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1. Book first before you even come to Bandung, especially if you plan to come to Bandung during long weekends or Indonesia’s national holidays.

2. Be wary about not-so-famous hotels or hotels you’ve never heard of before. Get more information about the location and surroundings of these hotels before you decide to book a room there.

3. Some areas in Bandung are notorious as red light districts which are also associated with higher criminal rate.

4. If you have very tight budget, you can find a hotel in Bandung as low as Rp 75,000 night or even less, but of course, low price comes with low quality.

There are lots of choices of accommodation in Bandung, starting from villas, boarding houses and hotels. Bandung which is also known as the ‘flower city’ has changed itself into the city of tourism.

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