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Jakarta Bandung – Routes to Avoid

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When is the worst time to travel Jakarta Bandung? Most of you might think that it only takes you around 2 hours to 1 and a half hours to travel Jakarta Bandung, however the reality is not always like that. Do you know that it is also normal to travel Jakarta – Bandung in 6 hours or so in certain times? If you want to know when you should not travel from Jakarta to Bandung, read on.

The normal time to travel between Jakarta Bandung is between 2 hours and 1.5 hours. However this is only the travel time from Bandung city to the exit toll gate in Jakarta, exclusive the travel time within the city of Jakarta itself, which is highly unpredictable. So the total travel time between the city of Bandung to the city center of Jakarta, such as to your hotel, can take you at least 3 hours.

The worst times to travel Jakarta Bandung are around long holiday seasons, such as Idul Fitri, long weekends, school holiday season, etc. You can see further information regarding this issue on: When Not to Go to Bandung.

Jakarta Bandung – Worst Alternatives

There are certain routes to avoid if you want to arrive in Bandung fast. Of course, the fastest way to reach the city of Bandung would be via the toll road. The routes you should not take to travel Jakarta – Bandung during long weekends or holiday seasons are:

–          Jakarta – Puncak – Bandung

Some of you might want to include the visit to Puncak on the way to Bandung, for whatever reasons, whether to visit the Safari Park or to see the tea plantation. However, to tell you the truth, this route can take you at least 12 hours (or even more) simply to reach the exit toll gate in Bandung. Puncak area is the worst place to visit during long weekends or any other holiday seasons. This is because hundreds of thousands of Jakarta people also always visit the same place on those particular holiday seasons. So in order that you are not trapped in a long traffic jam for hours (not moving at all), you’d better not visit this place at all.

–          Jakarta – Ciater (or Subang) – Bandung

This route is another route which will also make you extremely tired of having to stay in your vehicles for hours (at least 6 hours or so). Therefore avoid choosing hotels in Subang or Ciater area.

–          Jakarta – Puncak – Ciater (or Subang) – Bandung

You really should have a strong, patient heart if you decide to travel Jakarta – Bandung via this route. You can imagine what time you will arrive in Bandung if you travel this route on long weekends :sweat: . It is very normal to take at least 15 hours to travel from Jakarta to Bandung via this extreme route.

All those 3 routes are definitely the worst routes to take between Jakarta – Bandung. Therefore if you plan to come to Bandung during long holiday seasons, yet you wish to start your journey from Jakarta, the best way to take would be direct from Jakarta to Bandung via the toll road. Forget about visiting other places in between. If you really wish to visit those places in between, you’d better visit them at other times, on weekdays, not during long weekends. Just remember that there are around 10 millions population in Jakarta, and their favorite activities during holiday seasons is to travel Jakarta Bandung.

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