Jakarta to Bandung

The Best Ways from Jakarta to Bandung

By: Bandungholiday.net

Looking for the best way from Jakarta to Bandung? There are several options of how to reach Bandung from Jakarta. Each option offers you some pros and cons. So which one is the best alternative? It depends on what you expect to see on the way and also how fast you would like to reach Bandung.

Jakarta to Bandung

By the way why people are coming from Jakarta to Bandung? Is it only for sightseeing or shopping or both? Most people are now coming from Jakarta to Bandung for several reasons. But most of all are looking for different atmosphere and try to relax within the cool ambience. After working five or six days a week, Bandung has become a favorite place for relaxation among Jakarta people. And this phenomenon has also made Bandung very crowded almost every weekend.

Despite the above circumstances, many people are still coming from Jakarta to Bandung, including foreign tourists from Malaysia, Holland, Singapore, etc. All these people are looking for some kind of relaxation in the so-called Parisj van Java. Below are some alternatives of how to go from Jakarta to Bandung.

How to Go from Jakarta to Bandung

–          Private Car

If you are in a hurry, or if you are not really interested in seeing natural scenery on the way from Jakarta to Bandung, this is one of the best ways of going to Bandung from Jakarta.

Pros: In normal traffic, you can reach Bandung in around 1 hour 30 minutes, or 2 hours normally.

Cons: Expect no beautiful scenery all the way from Jakarta to Bandung, only concrete toll road and a few trees here and there. Beware of traveling during high seasons and you can end up being trapped in a traffic jam on the toll road up to 6 hours to Bandung.

–          Train

This is another popular way of coming from Jakarta to Bandung. Normally it takes you only 3 hours from Gambir railway station to Bandung railway station in downtown of Bandung. With ticket starting at Rp 45,000/person, the compartment is pretty comfortable with air conditioner.

Pros: Quite comfortable, and there’s no way that you’d be trapped in traffic jam. A small toilet is also available.

Cons: It takes 1 hour longer to reach Bandung

–          Airplane

This is the fastest way of coming from Jakarta to Bandung. Within only 20 to 30 minutes you can reach Bandung from Halim Perdana Kusuma airport in Jakarta.

Pros: It guarantees you the fastest and most comfortable way of going to Bandung.

Cons: Please be patient if the plane is delayed. The ticket price is also quite expensive.

–          Bus

If you are traveling with super tight budget, you can go to Bandung from Jakarta. This kind of transportation offers you minimum comfort yet with very affordable ticket.

Pros: Very cheap!

Cons: You have to go to the bus terminal which is quite far from the city central. Just like traveling with private cars, there’s also the possibility of being trapped in a traffic jam during long weekend or holiday season.

So whatever your choice is to go from Jakarta to Bandung, make sure that you make the correct decision since safety and comfort should be your utmost priority of all.

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