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Not many people know that there are many kinds of mee Bandung now. For those who are adventurous, you can even try the colorful mee or the rainbow mee as the local people call it. By the way, what does the word ‘mee’ mean? The word ‘mee’ itself means ‘noodle’, or simply ‘mie’ in Indonesian. But for English speakers, the word ‘mie’ is pronounced as ‘mee’, which means exactly the same, which is ‘noodle’.

Unlike in other places in Indonesia, mee Bandung has a slightly, better taste compared to other kinds of noodle. It also has more varieties than other places. So if you happen to come to the city of Bandung, don’t forget to try this very popular dish. Most people who come to Bandung are usually interested in shopping or simply sightseeing. But many of them also want to try local dish which is unique and can’t be found anywhere else.

Many hotels at Bandung provide local dishes, including mee Bandung. However you have to be sure first what kind of mee Bandung you want, since there are many kinds of how this noodle is served, whether dry or with soup or even spicy one. Mee is one of the most popular meals in Indonesia, including in Bandung. Its simple cooking and delicious taste makes it the favorite meal of all.

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Variation of Mee Bandung

There are many kinds of mee Bandung. Some of them are:

–          mee (or mie) kocok

This is probably the most popular noodle serving in Bandung area. You can even find this noodle on the street vendor, which costs you around Rp 5,000 to Rp 10,000 per portion. This noodle is served with bean sprout and very delicious soup made of cow’s leg.

–          rainbow noodle

This is the healthiest noodle serving of all since it does not use artificial coloring at all, but uses vegetable juice for coloring instead. Available in red and green.

–          dried noodle with vegetables (also called ‘ifumie)

This mee Bandung is usually found in most Chinese food restaurants. It is served with lots of vegetables and sea food on top of deep fried noodle. It costs around Rp 20,000 to Rp 40,000 per portion, depending on location.

–          rojak mee Bandung

This noodle serving is the most fresh of all. Its cold, sweet and sour dark soup, served with small pieces of cucumber and fish cake, makes rujak mee Bandung very popular throughout the Bandung city.

Where to Find Mee Bandung

Since mee Bandung is the most popular dish in Bandung, it can easily be found in every corner of the city, starting from the street vendor, cafes, to Bandung restaurants. Most street vendors provide friend noodle and mee kocok, while the other variations of noodle can only be found in restaurants.

However if you are traveling to Bandung with super tight budget, don’t worry. You can still enjoy another variety of mee Bandung. Nowadays many street vendors, restaurants, factory outlets and hotels at Bandung also provide noodle dishes in their menu, which is made of instant noodle, which is served in a different way. The people in Bandung are so creative that they can provide mee Bandung into many variations of delicious menus.

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