Nightlife in Bandung

What is Nightlife in Bandung Like?


What is nightlife in Bandung like? This question might be lingering in your mind prior to your coming to Bandung. Well, just like most big cities in Indonesia, you can find a variety of nightlife here. You can find night food bazaar at downtown of Bandung, or dine out on top of the hill while watching the spectacular Bandung view at night, or even soaking your body in the sulfur water or simply hit the dance floor at the so many discotheques and bars scattered in city of Bandung.

However unlike other cities in Indonesia, nightlife in Bandung offers you a different type of atmosphere, thanks to the cool climate surrounding Bandung. For those who are adventurous enough and really want to try something different, you can try visiting the hot spring resort at night. And feel a totally different experience of relaxing in the sulfur pool in the middle of the night.

What is the most popular nightlife in Bandung? Nowadays more and more people are looking for a different kind of nightlife in Bandung. Many of us are tired of going to clubs and bars, and really seeking for a different kind of experience. Therefore a visit to this hot spring resort might give you a slight nightlife adventure.

Popular Nightlife in Bandung

Some of the popular nightlife activities in Bandung are:

1. Night food bazaar at Cibadak Street

Every night this street is full of people selling food, very similar to those around Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. And for those who are craving for Chinese food, this is the place where you can find affordable Chinese food with lots of varieties.

2. Dine out at the hill side

Dining out at the hill side or even on top of the hill has become a popular nightlife in Bandung, especially among the Jakarta travelers and rich Bandung youngsters. To tell you the truth, actually the food served at the cafes there are just okay or below average. What they sell is actually the Bandung scenery at night. That’s all! So do not expect to havemore than average meal there. Also, almost all cafes there charge you quite expensive.

3. Go to the hot spring resort



This hot spring resort is located close to Tangkuban Perahu Bandung, so it takes quite a long time, approximately about one and a half hour to get there, even more during long weekends. However despite the traveling distance, there are still a lot of people going there, especially on weekends. This activity has certainly become the number one nightlife in Bandung. Don’t be surprised in you find a lot of people soaking themselves in the sulfur pool, even much more than at day time. Usually people start coming at around 11pm and they’ll stay there till 2 or even 3am!

4.Go to Clubs and Bars

nightlife in bandungJust like any other big cities, there are also many clubs and bars you can visit at night, has this clubs and bars have also become part of nightlife in Bandung. There are many kinds of clubs in Bandung, from the modern ones with techno music played, or the middle class one with dangdut music played.

Whatever nightlife in Bandung you’re looking for,  you won’t be lonely and bored in Bandung at night!

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