Shopping at Bandung

Shopping at Bandung Reviews


What are the best places for shopping at Bandung? Below are some of the top destinations among shoppers in Bandung, which are not only famous among the Bandung and Jakarta people themselves, but mainly among Malaysians and Singaporean travelers. All these reviews are based on the actual reports made by people (visitors) who have had come to Bandung for shopping.

We not only give you the most recent reviews on the best places for shopping at Bandung, but we also evaluate each place with great details, in terms of quality, price, locations as well as shopping tips. As a resort city, Bandung itself has developed itself into one of the mostly visited cities among the other tourist destinations in Indonesia. Therefore it is not surprising that among those visitors who come to Bandung, ninety percent of them are Malaysians. They come to Bandung not only for sightseeing, but also for shopping. There are also many shopping tour packages for those who are interested in shopping at Bandung.

Shopping at Bandung

Why has the idea of shopping at Bandung become such a hot trend among Malaysians, Singaporeans and even the Indonesians themselves (mainly those coming from Jakarta and other big cities in Indonesia)? It has been widely known for centuries that Bandung with its cool weather has been the top destination even among the Dutch people themselves during the colonialism era, when many rich business people came to Bandung simply to spend their weekends here. And this phenomenon has continued even up to these days when many Jakarta people always come to Bandung simply for relaxation and shopping.

Best Places for Shopping at Bandung

There are a lot of places for shopping at Bandung, ranging from the street vendors to big malls at downtown and northern parts of Bandung. But which of these are recommended and which are not? Read on.

1. Mode House

This is one of the favorite places for shopping at Bandung. They offer wide varieties of clothing, from men’s clothing, kid’s clothing to ladies’ clothing. This place is open from 9am to 8.30pm on weekdays and till 9pm on weekends.

2. Bandung’s biggest factory outlet area

This is another favorite place for shopping at Bandung where you can find many factory outlet stores all along both sides of the street of this famous area. If we visit this place on weekends, almost fifty percent of visitors are Malaysians, Singaporeans and Jakarta people. Be sure to come early if you plan to visit this place on long weekends or school holiday season as the traffic leading to this area can be very crowded. Most shops here are open from 9am to 8.30pm or 9pm every day.

3. The Denim Street

This is a very famous shopping destination among many travelers as you can find a totally different experience of shopping at Bandung on this denim street. Even for those who are not into shopping, they can simply have a walk under the shady trees along side the road while enjoying the spectacular uniquely designed stores.

4. Pasar Baru

This place is like a 2-sided coin. Some travelers are crazy about this place while the others just can’t even stand being inside the place for the first 5 minutes! Beware of pick pockets here! And last but not least, feel free to bargain even until one fourth of the offered price here.

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