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Look forward to coming to Bandung for shopping? Here are the shopping Bandung lists and tips you’ll need for your shopping convenience. There are lots of places for shopping at Bandung, however with your limited time in Bandung, which ones are worth visiting and which ones are not? What is the latest and newest shopping paradise in Bandung and which ones you should reconsider visiting? Read on. And after reading this shopping Bandung reviews and tips, you should get a clear vision on your shopping program in Bandung.

Shopping Bandung Tips # 1 – Shopping at Tangkuban Perahu

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–          Almost all tourists who come to Bandung for the first time must include the visit to Tangkuban Perahu Bandung active volcano, where you can find many kiosks selling food and many tourists-related stuffs as well as local people who always try to offer and sell their goods aggressively to tourists. It wouldn’t be surprising if you find them following you everywhere, never bored of offering you to buy this and that.  And this Tangkuban Perahu phenomenon can be very annoying! Our tips are, firstly, simply ignore all these sellers, and tell them that you are not interested at all. Don’t even try to ask the price or bargain if you’re not sure if you want to buy or not, otherwise they will keep following you anywhere! Secondly, even if you want to buy something from them, try to bargain until one fifth of the offered price. But most stuffs that you find at Tangkuban Perahu Bandung can also be found at other places in Bandung. So if you really want to have a good shopping Bandung experience, we’d rather suggest you forget shopping at Tangkuban Perahu.

Shopping Bandung Tips # 2 – Pasar Baru Shopping

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–          Some of you might look forward to shopping at Pasar Baru. But wait a minute! If you are willing to spend more time on bargaining, then you can go to this place and really shop till you drop. Don’t be surprised if your friends can get similar things at other place with the one you’ve just bought with half the price or even less. So the tips here are, firstly, you must bargain until at least one fifth of the offered price. Secondly, beware of pickpockets and don’t let them ruin your shopping Bandung adventure. Thirdly, do not show interest or say things like ‘oh, this is lovely’ in front of the sellers, otherwise they will keep the price high. Just show no interest and walk away, and they will automatically reduce the price even without your ever bargaining!

Shopping Bandung Tips # 3 – Factory Outlet Shopping

–          Most tourists love this factory outlet shopping in Bandung. In this place you don’t have to waste your time bargaining. However you also have to be aware since some factory outlets can overprice their goods. If you are careful enough, you will even notice that some very similar items are sold at totally different prices at some factory outlets in Bandung.

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