Shopping in Bandung

Shopping in Bandung – When and Where


When is the best time to do shopping in Bandung? Where shall I do the shopping if I come to Bandung only with very tight budget? Is it possible to go shopping in Bandung even if I do not have too much money with me? Can I go shopping if I go to Bandung with my whole family? If you have any of these kinds of questions, read on, and at the end of this article you will find the answer to your enquiries.

Let’s just answer the first question here: Where is the best place for shopping in Bandung? Actually there are many places for you to go shopping in Bandung, from the outskirt of Bandung where you can find extremely affordable clothes which can be as low as Rp 5,000 per piece to the luxurious malls where you can find many original, branded products. Below are some of the most visited places for shopping in Bandung area:

–          Pasar Baru:

shopping in Bandung

Very few Chinese Malaysians and Singaporeans like this place for shopping, especially because this place is always over crowded each and every day, especially on weekends and a few days approaching Idul Fitri or New Year. Also many clothing sold here are not for the Chinese.

Please be extremely careful when visiting this place, especially if you are traveling with large groups or kids since you can get lost easily, not to mention the pickpockets which linger inside the building.

However if you insist on visiting this place, the best hour for shopping in Bandung Pasar Baru would be early in the morning when it’s just been opened, around 9am in the morning. Forget visiting this place if you think of coming here at around 3pm or so. There’s hardly any way for any vehicle to reach this place fast, let alone find a parking lot, since the road leading to this area is always extremely crowded. Also, if you are willing to spend a few minutes bargaining, this is the perfect place to visit. One more tip if you want to go shopping in Bandung Pasar Baru, always bargain at least one fifth of the offered price, or you’d regret it. The place is close at 5pm every day. It wouldn’t be surprising though if you can find a product from Pasar Baru which is sold at the price of one third much cheaper at other factory outlets in Bandung!

–          Factory Outlets Street:

This is the place where both the Chinese and non Chinese would love to go shopping in Bandung. You no need bargain here as everything has fixed price. However also be very careful if you see some seemingly branded stuff as some can be original, but some are not. Most factory outlets are open from 9am to 8.30pm.

–          Denim Street Shopping:

This is a very interesting place to go for shopping in Bandung. You can walk along the road while admiring the uniquely designed stores. Expect to see lots of super hero figures here and there, even on top of the roof! Most shops here are open from 9.30am to 10pm. Here you can also find many products made of denim, starting from jackets, trousers, skirts, shirts, overralls, cotton t-shirts souvenir t-shirts with “Bandung” sign on them, etc.

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