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Planning to go to Bandung in the near future with your family or friends? When is the best time to go to Bandung? Would it be at Christmas or New Year? Many travelers would prefer to go traveling during holiday season such as school holiday or national holiday. However is this really the best time to go to Bandung?

If you really want to enjoy your travel or your holiday in Bandung, reconsider going to Bandung during those holiday seasons. Based on the annual traffic statistics within the past decade, the traffic in Bandung and its surrounding areas (including Puncak and Bogor) is extremely crowded during all those holiday seasons.

Those who have been to Bandung during long holiday seasons must have experienced being trapped for hours in a traffic jam. It would not be surprising if you have to take 2 hours from one place to another when it takes only around 15 minutes during weekdays. So when is the time that you should not go to Bandung? Read on.

Worst Time to Bandung

Below are some of the times when you should not travel to Bandung and its surrounding places, including Puncak and Bogor:

–          Idul Fitri

This is regarded as one of the Moslem’s biggest holiday seasons. Almost all companies in Indonesia have long holiday during this holiday, which is also the perfect time for Indonesians to travel or simply to go to tourism objects with their family or friends.

–          Chrismas and New Year

Many companies in Indonesia also have long holiday beginning from Christmas to New Year. So this is also another bad time for you to travel to Bandung when most tourism objects are full of millions of Indonesians.

–          Mid June to mid July

This is the typical school holiday season in Indonesia. Avoid traveling to Bandung during this period of time, or you would be trapped in long traffic jam for hours in many places.

–          Any long weekends

Another bad timing to go to Bandung would be during long weekends when the majority of people traveling with their loved ones. A ninety-minute driving from Jakarta to Bandung can take up to six hours during long weekends when many Jakarta people go to Bandung to relax.

–          Saturday

The traffic in the city of Bandung is almost always very crowded on Saturdays. This phenomenon has occurred since Cipularang toll road joining Jakarta and Bandung was built several years ago, making the travel time much faster from 3-hour driving to only 90-minute driving. This has made it even easier for people in Jakarta to visit Bandung as often as they’d love to, especially on weekends. Even long before the Jakarta people started making Bandung as their favorite getaway, the city of Bandung has become the favorite resort for the Dutch people during the colonialism era when they always came to Bandung for relaxation during the weekends.

So if you really want to go to Bandung to relax and to enjoy your holiday, avoid going to Bandung during any of those holiday periods above.

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