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Travel in Bandung – Review


There are many choices of how to travel in Bandung. You can either travel by cars, motor cycles, pedicabs, even horse carriage if you really want to J. Bandung as the capital city of the province of West Java has been a nice place to live even since the Dutch Indies colonialism era. Some modes of transportation which were used decades or even hundreds of years ago still exist today. And this has made even the city of Bandung more unique.

Nowadays many people travel in Bandung in so many ways. The majority of people in Bandung travel by motor cycles and public transport. However the public transportation in Bandung is slightly different from many other countries where there are already MRT and the sort of mode of transportation. Since there is no MRT in any places in Indonesia, people rely heavily on city transport.

However some people also travel in Bandung by horse carriage, which is a traditional way of traveling in the suburb of Bandung, with the fare as low as Rp 1,000 per person, you can go around the area for around 10 minutes or so. The fare could be much higher if you are traveling in tourism area, where tourists are charged around Rp 350,000 per carriage, such as in the hot spring resort area.


Travel in Bandung – Tips

Below are some tips of how to travel in Bandung:

–          public transport

If you have no idea of the route of the public transportation in Bandung, do not hesitate to ask the driver first if he’ll pass the destination you’re going to. Or, you can also ask some passersby about which transportation to take if you want to go to a certain place.

–          taxi

Not all taxis are recommended during your travel in Bandung. It has been widely known that some taxi drivers would refuse to use the meter with so many excuses (such as ‘broken’, etc) and would prefer you to bargain the fare, especially if they know that you are not local residents. One very recommended taxi company in Indonesia is Blue Bird, which always uses meter. However if you are such in a hurry, always remember to bargain the fare first, before you step inside the taxi. You can also find many taxis parked around the hotel at Bandung.

–          pedicab

Always bargain the fare first before you step into the pedicab.

–          public bus

Public buses have been known as the cheapest way to travel in Bandung, and they apply fixed fare, too, which is very convenient. However just like many other low fared transportation in Indonesia, you will meet many singing beggars and sellers going inside the bus offering you to buy things. Unlike in Jakarta, some of these people are not so aggressive, but this will eventually reduce your comfort of traveling.

–          horse carriage

This is another way to travel in Bandung, which is very traditional and so much fun! Also, always bargain the fare first before going in. Many tourism objects and hotels at Bandung now have horse carriage travel service which charges higher price than in public places.

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