Trip to Bandung

Trip to Bandung – Tips and Tricks

Planning a trip to Bandung in the near future? For those who have never been to Bandung before, it would be better if you know a little bit about the city of Bandung before you really travel to Bandung.  Either you are traveling with your whole family member or friends, traveling to Bandung would not be better if you have everything planned in advance, especially if you’re traveling around school holiday season or national holiday or long weekends.

Why would many Malaysians love to have a trip to Bandung nowadays? There are several reasons why many Malaysians travel to Bandung. Some of the reasons are because everything is just so cheap in Bandung! Not to mention the lovely cool weather and the ease of communication. All Indonesians don’t seem to have communication barrier with Malay speaking people since Indonesian language is pretty similar to Malay language.

However in order to have an enjoyable trip to Bandung it’d be much better if read the following tips and tricks for your successful Bandung trip. These tips below would be helpful if you plan to go shopping in Bandung or simply for sightseeing or relaxation.

Trip to Bandung Tips #1

Always book your accommodation a few weeks before you come to Bandung. Finding an accommodation in Bandung could be a hard thing to do, especially if you plan to have this Bandung trip in long weekends or school holiday season. It is because Bandung has become the favorite getaway city from many Jakarta people who are responsible to cause the traffic jam all over Bandung every holiday season J.

Trip to Bandung Tips #2

Trip to Bandung

Plan to go shopping in Bandung? Do not forget to bargain when you shop in Bandung, especially at Pasar Baru and Tangkuban Perahu where you can get the goods at one third to one fourth of the offered price. However everything in factory outlets is in fixed price, so you can’t bargain in factory outlets. What about street vendors? Same thing. Some street vendors tend to mark up the price when they know that you are a tourist or foreigners. Please also be very careful if you are into branded stuffs as there are so many imitations and sometimes you can’t even tell the difference.

Trip to Bandung Tips #3

Considering a visit to the white crater at the southern part of Bandung? Always bring an umbrella with you and don’t forget to wear thick clothing (jackets, etc) if you visit the white crater, especially in rainy season as the weather in this area is very unpredictable. The weather in Bandung city could be very bright and a bit warm, however the weather in the white crater could be freezing and as cold as 7 degrees Celsius!

Trip to Bandung Tips #4

If you plan to have a trip to Bandung, it would be better if you come to Bandung on weekdays instead of long weekends as the traffic in Bandung, especially those leading to tourism objects, is extremely heavy. The usual and normal travel time of 15 minutes can take you up to 2 hours or even more during long weekends.

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